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Welcome to the BBUKfanon Wiki

Big Brother UK Fanon is a wiki presenting users/admins BB work. 

Big Brother first aired in 2000, presenting a bunch of normal people entering a house together for the remaining weeks they stay, but the audience has to vote for the housemate they want to be evicted and the one who gets the most votes to get evicted get's the boot on friday nights. The Show was hosted by Davina McCall from 2000 to 2010 who presented the eviction shows and interviewed the evicted housemate. In some of the series, Two housemates get evicted but that's only when they are together, related or best friends but it was likely they get split up when one evicted. The series was cancelled in 2010, and Big Brother 11 was the last series on Channel 4. But a year after, Channel 5 the Channel 4's sister channel took on the show making Big Brother 12 come to life..With a new logo. New Style and New host. 

Now the fans take over!

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Currently in the works
Big Brother
Biggest Big Brother: The Giants Takeover written by LiamJaco1998lfc.
  • If your BB fanon contains any contents of bad language, you must add Bad Language Box above the page or your fanfiction could face deletion.
  • The BB Fanon you create must all be created onto one page (e.g Housemates, House floor plan and episodes transcripts must all be on one page.) or you could face a day ban.
  • Before creating fanon, you must make a box describing who written the fanon the box is here to copy and paste the box into click here Fanon Written by; Source

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